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Founded in 1985, Bartimaeus is a leading and respected provider in high quality window treatment products to the commercial, government and wholesale industries. In 1986, Bartimaeus installed our first Mecho Shades. As a result, we have become an expert in the field of shades and more specifically in the field of motorization. With over 100 years combined knowledge and expertise, Bartimaeus is committed to understanding their customers' requirements, developing window treatment solutions, and providing outstanding customer service no matter the size of the project. Bartimaeus is dedicated to building relationships one customer at a time.

Advantages of working with Bartimaeus25-year-anniversary

  • We thrive on making your project the most important one
  • We are completely and totally dedicated to servicing you in the best way we know how
  • You will be working with one of the most respected specialists in the window treatments industry

We have an outstanding staff, capable of handling every aspect of any job; from estimating all the way through to expert installation. There is no job too small, too big or too far away that we can not provide for our customers. We are totally prepared for any design, estimating or installation question which may arise.

We ask that you include us in your next invitation to bid for any of your future window treatment needs.

Visit our Specialty Buildings projects on our Project Gallery.

Bartimaeus' Consultant Team

steve-edwards-consultant-bartimaeus-blinds-shades chris-pittard-consultant-bartimaeus-blinds-shades dave-newman-consultant-bartimaeus-blinds-shades doug-hunt-consultant-bartimaeus-blinds-shades
Steve Edwards Chris Pittard Dave Newman Doug Hunt

BartimaeusWindow Treatments done well; the Difference is Blinding

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