One Inch Aluminum Mini Blinds



  • 1” Wide 6 Gauge Crease Resistant, Static Resistant Aluminum Slat
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Metal Headrail
  • Double Slat Valance and Hold Down
  • Brackets Included With Every Blind


  • Headrail: Roll formed steel 1.070” width x .950” height x .024” thick.
  • Bottomrail: Roll formed steel .765” width x .385” height x .030” thick.
  • Wand: Extruded clear acrylic Hex shape, .270” across flats. clear acrylic.
  • Slat: Painted aluminum .006” thick x .970” width with a crown of .080”.
  • Tape Roller Support: Injection molded plastic with metal roller minimizing cord fray.
  • Tape Roller: Injection molded plastic with ladder locking legs.
  • Tilt Rod: Plated steel “O” shape .150” x .125”.
  • Cordlock: Injection molded plastic. Smooth brass fixed roller. Knurled floating brass roller.
  • Tilter: Injection molded plastic housing with steel wand hook. Gear ratio of 9 to 1. Metal rivet for added strength.
  • Bottomrail Anchors: Injection molded plastic face .500” diameter, stem .375” diameter.
  • Bottomrail Endcaps: Injection molded plastic face with stem for hold down bracket.
  • Slat Clip: Painted aluminum.
  • Cord: Woven polyester .070” diameter.
  • Ladder: Woven polyester .840” spacing x 1.000” width.
  • Center Support: Plated steel .040” thick.
  • Hold Down Brackets: Injection molded plastic.
  • Tassel: Injection molded plastic - bell shaped.
  • Mounting Bracket: Painted steel with hinged locking front cover.

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